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The Santo Contra La Magia Negra Download > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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Santo is called by Interpol to investigate the mysterious disappearance of two scientists in Latin America. As soon as he starts his work, there is a failed attempt on his life by a strange voodoo girl, Dejanira…
This is one of the best of the Santo masked wrestler hero films, and almost impossible to find. Santo, El Enmascarado De Plato (silver masked hero)is called to Haiti to fight a match while a gorgeous voodoo queen (Sasha Montenegro, the Raquel Welch of Mexico and wife of a recent Mexican president) brings the dead back to life and plans a nuclear annihilation! This flick has wrestling zombies, dance numbers, voodoo murders, wild 70's latin fashions and the tallest hairdos this side of Sonora! You'll freak at the climactic battle between dueling voodoo goddesses for Santo's very soul! The soundtrack is great too. Plus the everpresent Carlos Suarez as one of Sasha's henchmen. This flick is also known as Santo Vs. Black Magic Woman in some circles. If you can find it, check it out. Sasha also appeared in several other Santo flicks including Santo Vs. The Space Blob (Asesinos De Otros Mundos) plus in about 20 movies of her own.
=spoilers regarding animal cruelty in this movie. Graphic.= At about 25 minutes into this movie, a goat is killed during a voodoo ceremony.<br/><br/>The throat is slit with a knife on screen and you see the poor creature kicking. The blood flows out of the neck wound to be collected by the voodoo worshippers. It is not a quick or clean kill. The animal is kicking while two men cut off the tail. Then the people pick up the carcass of the goat and walk around with it. After that, nothing else about this movie mattered. Santo and Blue Demon and Neutron were PAID to hit one another and get tossed around. They knew what was happening. The goat is just plain scared. There are something like 50 plus SANTO movies. They can be as atmospheric as a Universal horror movie or an Italian movie made in the early 60&#39;s, or fun and cheesy in their own loopy way. Just pick another one.

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